Create a Fulfilling career

With Career Coach Firas Zaytoun

Have you ever asked yourself why you did not get the promotion you wanted? Have you ever wondered why you were not selected for the job you applied for? 

I help emerging leaders and mid-management professionals  achieve career fulfillment 

My work is for:

Emerging leaders and mid-level management who:

  • feel stuck in their career 

  • want to lead the team they currently work with, or manage

  • don't have clear direction in their career

  • are job seekers

  • struggle with finding the right work-life balance 






"Firas doesn’t just work in HR; he influences people's lives. He always sees things from people’s perspective, and that is innovation in Human Resources."

—  Moath Hussein,

Chief Support Services Officer

10 Regency Park Drive, Apt 313

Halifax, NS B3S1P2


       (902) 412-1567

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