Passionate About Helping Others

Find The Right Job With Firas Zaytoun

Making the transition from customer service agent to trainer was just the first step into achieving his career goals. Firas started looking into opportunities to where he can find his purpose and do what he loves. He got curious about employees psychology, what motivates people, why do they take certain jobs they don't love, why they are happy or unhappy at work, and what makes some people grow in the organization while others stay in one position? For him, there was only one way to know - asking! 

Firas then started looking for mentors and invested in coaching. He was eager to learn and understand what are the rules that will impact his career, and he learned the hard way. 

Firas then started realizing that it is not only him who didn't know what was needed to achieve his career aspirations, in fact, the majority of people didn't. But, there were others who were growing within the organization, one promotion after another, and there were those stories about colleagues who got offered jobs with other organizations that seemed to be too good to be true.  Was it all by chance? Absolutely not. There was something they were doing right; he was determined to learn more about it, and he did.

After understanding the basics, he started acting consciously, he found himself progressing from one role to another bigger one. Eventually Firas spent 13 years working for the largest financial services and conglomerates organization in Abu Dhabi where he held several progressive roles and headed the Talent Management function. He did work he found meaningful - hiring, developing and transitioning employees. The joy he had every time he signed an offer letter was priceless, because he knew this offer letter is life changing for the better. He designed people plans, HR frameworks, and implemented strategic HR projects to develop employees and saw many of them growing and succeeding.


As the head of Talent Acquisition, Firas was responsible for driving recruitment across all levels of the organization in Automotive, Real Estate, Hospitality and Oil & Gas Services. With all of that, his main focus has always been to help people find the right job that makes them happy and open opportunities for them to achieve what they want. 

In 2018, Firas decided to make yet another transition in his journey to find purpose in life. He relocated to the beautiful province of Nova Scotia in Canada, and made Halifax his new home. This time with one main goal in mind, he wants to help people realize their potential and achieve what they want. For him, it is a journey from transition to transformation. 

Firas has seen it all. He has been in your shoes and he had similar life experiences to yours. From a fresh graduate entering the job market, to changing employers growing his career, and going through the job search process in a new culture and job market that he knew nothing about. He has been in the corporate world, hiring, training and transitioning employees, so he understands employers' perspectives. Hence, he developed his philosophy that he will use to coach you, and help you achieve your career aspirations.  

  • Certified life/executive and career coach

  • Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner 

  • Level 3 Certificate In Human Resources Practice (CIPD) 

  • Masters in Business Management

  • Bachelors in Economics